In addition to the distributorships we hold for SITEC Sieber Engineering, McDaniel Controls, TOP Industrie and Sprague; Hi-Pro Pressure Products focus on the provision of innovative engineering solutions for leading Universities, R&D Establishments, Government and Corporate Companies. We are always willing to collaborate with our customers to investigate the customisation of our products for their needs.

Quality and Service
The policy of Hi-Pro Pressure Products Ltd is founded on our desire to provide good service, high quality products with expertise, professional customer service and loyalty. As a distributor of specialist high pressure products, supplying a range of customers in the UK and abroad, we aim to provide an outstanding service through our highly expert, knowledgeable and professional team. We have excellent long term relationships with our manufacturers and as such, are able to build lasting relationships with our customers. We are fully committed to the continual improvement of our company and our services' as evidenced by our certification to ISO9001:2015.

Engineering solutions
Working with the customer and our manufacturers we can facilitate a custom designed, one off or production level, pressurised component, using new and emerging machining techniques, materials and technologies

Industries we work with
Hi-Pro Pressure Products works with a range of industries. We are focused on quality and consistency and providing a dynamic and rapid response to the high level of specification, precision and traceability requirements from Oil & Gas, Government Organisations, R&D Laboratories and Universities.

Our partners
and suppliers