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Hi-Pro Pressure Products has a long relationship with McDaniel Controls as overseas distributor for their Pressure Gauges

When launched, McDaniel Controls all stainless steel pressure gauges set new standards in the Oil field, OEM, and Petro-chemical markets by offering a range of models that out perform the competition and yet were still economical. This was achieved by using the best possible material and by designing-in a higher level of accuracy.

McDaniel stainless steel gauges set new standards not only because of their accuracy but also because the all stainless steel models are capable of 300% overpressure without rupture of the Bourdon tube.

We have a wide range of models to suit most applications with face sizes from 1” to 6” and pressures up to 60,000 psi.

Almost any style of mounting required can be accommodated, special luminescent dials are available as standard for easier reading in low light conditions, glycerin filled units are also available and subsea units are offered.

In addition to being able to stand 300% full scale pressure without rupture of the Bourdon tube, McDaniel stainless steel gauges are also engineered to withstand and 130% full scale pressure (for all instruments larger than 2 1/2") without loss of accuracy, making them exceptional in the marketplace today.

McDaniel developed the first all stainless, liquid fillable, field repairable line of pressure gauges.  With pressure ranges from 1.6” of H20 up through 60,000 psi and dial sizes of 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 6" and 10".

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